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NIT Allahabad - Academics

NIT Allahabad offers 9 undergraduate programs in Engineering of four year duration and 19 graduate programs of two year duration. Undergraduate programs lead to the B.Tech. Degrees, while the graduate programs in engineering lead to M.Tech. Degree. NIT Allahabad also enrolls Ph.D. candidates. The Computer Science department also offers a Masters in Computer Applications (MCA). The institute was the first in the country to offer an undergraduate program in Computer Science and Engineering. MNNIT also has a management school.

Graduate Engineering Programs
o Applied Mechanics
o Chemical Engineering
o Computer Science & Engineering
o Control & Instrumentation
o Digital Systems
o Design Engineering
o Electrical Engineering (Control Instrumentation/Power Systems)
o Environmental Engineering
o Fluid Engineering
o Geotechnical Engineering
o GIS & Remote Sensing
o Information Security
o Material Science Engineering
o Microelectronics and VLSI Design
o Production Engineering
o Power Electronics & ASIC Design
o Structural Engineering
o Software Engineering
o Water Resources Management

Undergraduate Engineering Programs
* Biotechnology
* Chemical Engineering
* Civil Engineering
* Computer Science & Engineering
* Information Technology
* Electrical Engineering
* Electronics and Communication Engineering
* Mechanical Engineering
* Production & Industrial Engineering

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